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scottishathletics helps runners & organisers plan for ‘new normal’

scottishathletics has released advice for clubs, event organisers and individual athletes to help them navigate a return to ‘normal’ when Coronavirus restrictions begin to lift.

With uncertainty still the byword of the times, scottishathletics emphasises that the document is not a ‘definitive plan but a framework document’ to give its members ‘some kind of picture’ of how to transition back to group activity through various stages – for example, if 'social bubbles' or limited gatherings – are allowed.

They also emphasise that the document should not be read as if any changes to the current situation – where group training and events are banned – are imminent.

Instead, the intention of the document is to help everyone involved in the sport ‘consider the current picture, begin to plan ahead, and have a clearer understanding of the steps and actions’ that the governing body may take as and when restrictions are eased.

Chief Executive Mark Munro said: "Scottish Government documents and advice, as well as examining approaches by other countries, have enabled scottishathletics to outline an approach with principles that will guide the sport’s decision-making about transitioning out of the current lockdown arrangements.

"The 'Exit Plan Framework' identifies potential key advice and factors relevant to the sport and provides an early indication of what this may mean for a 'return to athletics'.

"It is really important to understand that, at the moment, the framework sets out potential advice and anticipated actions rather than a definitive plan, and any analysis of this should not be seen a definitive prediction of the future. A degree of flexibility will need to be demonstrated.

"The Scottish Government has noted the need for 'lead-in' time to any changes to give organisations the opportunity to prepare and has indicated that it intends to publish further updates ahead of the next end-of-cycle review date on 28 May.

"If and when, the Scottish Government approach changes, our framework will also adapt and change accordingly."

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is widely expected to ease some ‘lockdown’ measures later this week, having only extended them eight days ago.

However, it is not known whether exercise or group sport will be addressed as they were last Monday, when Scots were granted the right to exercise more than once a day.

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