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McColgan praises NHS runners training hard while fighting COVID-19

Double Scottish record holder Eilish McColgan has praised NHS workers continuing to work hard at their running while also fighting coronavirus.

McColgan, who now runs an online coaching business with her partner Michael Rimmer, said she was ‘motivated and inspired’ by the NHS workers they are coaching remotely. The 29-year-old, currently in Colorado, is herself coached remotely by her Doha-based mother, Liz McColgan-Nuttall.

In an interview for the scottishathletics Coaching Conversations series on Tuesday, the double Olympian said: "There are doctors and nurses among [our clients] who have full-on jobs and even more so now fighting the coronavirus.

"But they are still motivated to get out the door and do their 12-mile run – after a really hard day working crazy hours for the NHS. Or they are willing to do a shorter, faster session on a Friday night or as and when they can.It has been a real eye-opener to see how hard people are willing to push themselves."

The European 5,000m silver medallist added: ‘I’m motivated to work hard at my running but this is my job. It’s not their job but they enjoy it so much and they want to try and run faster.

"What it comes down to is – we’re all runners, whether we are chasing the Olympics or maybe preparing for a first parkrun."

Image: McColgan at Berlin (Sue Gyford/scottishathletics)

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