Phoenix Virtual P24 Run

Round the clock run with a difference at Virtual P24

Phoenix Running asks you to rise to the challenge and run one mile an hour, on the hour at their virtual P24 Longest Day event.

The longest day is the date for the Virtual P24 where the aim is to run one mile an hour every hour over a 24 hour period. They say ‘miles mean smiles’ and that question will be answered by those who take part in this 24 run event that poses a different sort of challenge for expert marathoners and ultra runners and novices alike.

24 hour events have grown in popularity over the years as runners of all abilities - solo or in teams – have a goal of completing as many miles as possible within the time limit. These endurance races involve night running, sleep deprivation and fuelling on the go and require the ability to chip away at the laps whilst dealing with tiredness and dips in motivation. 

Phoenix Running has created their own version that is a break from the norm in that participants have to complete one mile on the hour, every hour. They have to complete 24 one hour reps but there is the bonus of running through the summer solstice – the longest day of the year. Fingers will be crossed for dry, sunny weather on that day but preferably not a heatwave!  

This is a virtual event due to the coronavirus outbreak and runners pick their own course for the miles. This can be a route close to home, around the garden or driveway or on a treadmill and they post their results every mile and every hour in the Phoenix Running Chat Group on Facebook. 

The P24 starts at 8am GMT on Saturday 20 June and finishes at 7am on Sunday 21 June.  

Every participant is sent a personalised race bib when they enter and receives an appropriately themed medal after they complete the event. 

Enter online at the Phoenix Running website.

Image courtesy Phoenix Running

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