Two runners wearing reflective running hats

VOOM reflective running hat a visible show of support for the NHS

VOOM Nutrition is supporting an outdoors project for frontline workers struggling during the coronavirus pandemic

VOOM Nutrition in partnership with charity ‘Friends of The Lake District’ is helping to raise funds for a new initiative – ‘The Sanctuary Project’ – designed for NHS staff and emergency workers affected by Covid-19. As part of this support, VOOM will donate £5 from every sale of its reflective running beanie to the project and has pledged a minimum of £1,500 as a further contribution.

Mental health issues have increased during the pandemic. Having access to a green space or engaging with nature lowers stress levels whilst improving one’s mood and outlook. 

Both VOOM Nutrition and ‘Friends of The Lake District’ believe strongly in the power of nature to restore physical and mental wellbeing which The Sanctuary Project delivers through exercise, bushcraft, wild camping or ‘being in the moment’. These outdoors therapies are hugely beneficial for frontline workers who are burnt out after months spent battling the pandemic, dealing with harrowing scenes on a daily basis in high-pressure and stressful situations. 

Learn more about The Sanctuary Project at The Friends of The Lake District website.

The sale of the reflective beanies is one way to show appreciation for their tireless efforts on our behalf. They are made from reflective yarn so the wearer can be seen in the dark and have a polar fleece lining making them perfect for running on a cold day whether that’s up in the fells, exploring the trails or a training session on the road. These hats are also handy for the once-a-day walk in a local park or an area close to home as per government guidelines.   

The reflective running beanies can be purchased from the VOOM Nutrition website.   

Image courtesy of Beau Smith (VOOM Nutrition)

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