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home runner enjoying the benefits of the Pro-Form 3 treadmill

Life on the treadmill

There's nothing quite like a great run outside in the fresh air to get the heart pumping and the endorphins rushing but sometimes it can be difficult. We all remember the Beast from the East not to mention this year's sweltering summer so is running on a treadmill a potential answer to our great British weather?

Way too expensive we thought but it looks like we were wrong! Our friends at Pro-Form Fitness have entry level treadmills for as little as £349 and gold standard items for less than £1,000 and they also have affordable finance options available.

The team at runABC got together to discuss the advantages of running on a treadmill and I think it's fair to say that they all seemed a little sceptical at first. Surely, there's nothing to beat running outside? Opinions quickly changed when we drilled down on the potential upsides of treadmill running.

Aside from the vagaries of the weather, there are many other significant advantages. Running on a treadmill lessens the impact on joints as they have a padded feel to them and no varying terrain. You'll also find that most treadmills have incline options to vary the difficulty of your run and they're a real advantage in terms of pacing. Many runners find it challenging to maintain a consistent pace and often find themselves running faster or slower than intended. Treadmills make it so much easier to track your pace and mileage.

There are very real safety advantages to running on a treadmill where you can avoid cars, cyclists, dogs and perhaps worse. If you don't have a running buddy or you're not part of a club or group then running on a treadmill can be a safer option than running alone outside.

Treadmills are great for multi-tasking. Using headphones on a treadmill doesn't compromise your safety in the same way that it can outdoors so you can listen to music or audio books or even watch television. They can be a great way to lose yourself in something else and, before you know it, you're finished your run and those lovely endorphins are flowing freely around your system.

Proform treadmills have a technology called iFit. iFit is a coaching technology that supports you all through your workouts and suggests specific training sessions depending on your shape and how you're feeling. iFit even controls your treadmill speed and incline depending on the programme you chose or the route you choose on GoogleMaps prior to your training.

The iFit Cardio App has some really cool features; you can see GoogleMap street view scroll on the treadmill’s console or follow coaching videos with personal trainers running in front of you and motivating you to follow them just as if you were training outside with your very own PT.

With many UK cities breaching World Health Organisation safety levels for air pollution, treadmill running is becoming more popular in urban areas.

Finally, for dads and mums there’s a huge element of convenience to treadmill running. The kids can be happily playing inside so there’s no need to for childcare arrangements.

Running on a treadmill may never fully replace outdoor running but it's a great way to complement your running life.


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