Group of runners warming up ahead of a session

Velo Runner launches Beginner friendly Run Club

Everyone welcome to this free group in a supportive environment.

Stone based running and cycling store Velo Runner invites newcomers to join their Beginners Run Club and enjoy the physical and mental benefits of this inclusive sport. These sessions start on Saturday 25 June at 8am and are also open to anyone wishing to return to running. 

There is always a good time to get into running and even more so in fine, dry weather with help and advice from experienced Coaches and Run Leaders. The team at Velo Runner are providing these sessions free of charge which enables people to take part irrespective of their background and finances – particularly important in the latter case as the cost of living crisis continues. 

Each session is 45 minutes long and held on Emerald Way, Stone Business Park where the Velo Runner store is based. These weekly structured workouts will gradually build fitness levels and confidence over time whilst developing good form to avoid injury and encourage the participant to continue their running journey. The hope is runners sign up for other sessions and consider entering a race or two such as those organised by North Staffs Road Runners Association (NSRRA). 

Danny Soltys is leading the first session this Saturday and is an accomplished cyclist and runner with a series of wins and podium finishes to his name. He will take participants on a fun and friendly running journey which culminates in a 5K run at the end. A local parkrun is an ideal place for their ‘graduation’. 

The Run Club welcomes lapsed runners too: people who have had a break from running for whatever reason and are thinking about returning to it but at a pace to suit their needs and in the company of others.

Give it a try. Book now before the weekend via the Velo Runner website. 

Photo by Gabin Vallet on Unsplash.

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