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Northampton parkrun invites you to move against cancer

Northampton parkrun is part of a new, community-based initiative in the UK and Ireland that is aimed at people living with or beyond cancer. Northampton 5K Your Way, Move Against Cancer launches on Saturday 27 April.

These events will be held on the last Saturday of every month to encourage anyone undergoing cancer treatment or living beyond this disease to walk, jog or run in a supportive environment. Friends and families are welcome as are those working in cancer services and there is the option to be a spectator or volunteer and give the participants a ‘high five’.

5K Your Way, Move Against Cancer was founded by Gemma Hillier-Moses, Lucy Gossage and MOVE charity. Gemma is an international runner who was diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma in 2012 and used sport as a way of coping with the physical and mental impact of a cancer diagnosis. She continued to run during her treatment and found it improved her overall wellbeing and enabled her to regain some control over her life.

The benefits of fresh air and exercise cannot be underestimated and these once a month parkruns will deliver that and more. Northampton 5K Your Way ambassadors Michelle Lewis, Jon Dunckley and Juliette Baxter will greet every person who attends and look after them whenever possible. The Tail Walker will help them to complete the course and this social aspect continues over a post-event drink.

On Saturday 27 April, meet at 8.45am on the basketball court at the Racecourse where a briefing will take place by the ambassadors. The parkrun starts at 9am.

To register, visit the 5K Your Way, Move Against Cancer website.

Image courtesy of Northampton 5K Your Way, Move Against Cancer.

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