action from the Great Women's Run

New Women's 10K for Edinburgh in 2020

The organisers of the Men's 10K Edinburgh are introducing a complementary Women's 10K in autumn 2020. GSi Events, the company who also run Edinburgh Marathon Festival, Scottish Half Marathon and Kilomathon, made the announcement earlier today.

The Women's 10K Edinburgh will take place on Sunday 25 October 2020 at 11am. And the team behind the new event have said: "Far more than just a 10K - the Women's 10K is a proactive, challenging way to engage women in physical activity and promote health & well-being all year round.

"Women’s 10K is an all-inclusive event with no stigmas & no judgement; just a strong, supportive community of women who come together and make a positive change."

At the same time GSi have brought forward the date of their established Men's 10K Edinburgh and it is now scheduled for the same day as the new Women's event at the earlier time of 9.30am.

In a move which will minimise disruption and costs associated with road closures and general set-up, GSi have made an astute strategic decision.

The staging of an all-women's race in Edinburgh follows the decision to cancel the 2019 Great Women's Run in Glasgow. Better known as the Glasgow Women's 10K, this iconic event had a heritage stretching back a quarter of a century and had been the catalyst for an involvement in running for tens of thousands of women.

The decision to end the Glasgow event, which had 15,000 plus fields in its heyday, was met with disappointment and incredulity, in equal measure.

There might be an opportunity for GSi Events to replicate the double header format they are introducing in Edinburgh on Sunday 25 October 2020 in the home of the original Women's 10K as they also organise the Men's 10K Glasgow.

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