Running into the sunset

Get back in the run habit with this Halloween Virtual event

There is a bespoke spooky themed medal for everyone who completes this new challenge

Here is an antidote to cold days, dark nights and Covid restrictions. Step Forward with Lewis has launched its first virtual event designed to keep everyone going during October and there is a themed medal as a reward for their commitment. 

Whether new to exercise or not feeling the love for running at the moment, this new event is a way to change that and with support from a friendly community. The Halloween Virtual Run/Walk/Wheel event is open to all and with a goal to aim for, might be just what people need this autumn. Book a place then complete as many miles or kilometres as possible between 5 October and 31 October. There is no requirement to submit evidence as an honour system is in place meaning mileage will be taken on trust. 

Participants are encouraged to post their sessions on the Step Forward with Lewis Facebook page as a way of tracking their progress and see how others are doing. 

The sociable aspect of this is an integral part of Step Forward with Lewis, a RunTogether group where the aim is to get fit and have fun through a range of sessions. They are led by Michelle Lewis, a woman of talents that also includes her Running Tales podcasts and Run Director at Northampton parkrun, and have continued albeit socially distanced during this pandemic. Michelle has since added online bodyweight exercises to her schedule.

There are still a few places left. To enter, email: for details. 

Image courtesy of Lucas Favre on Unsplash

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