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Go XC & Have A Blast!

Who's up for a bit of cross country in the New Year?​​​​​​​​

Edinburgh-based race organiser, Blast Running, is offering something a little different in the New Year with a trio of urban cross country events on their calendar. A spokesperson commented: "Urban Cross Country events in Edinburgh are new for 2023 and we can't wait to see who'll turn up to take on the challenge of undulating fields, muddy paths and stream jumping!"

First up is Lauriston Fields which will take place on 15 January, this route offers runners grassy fields, woody trails and a couple of streams to jump across. It is a one lap route and at just over two miles it is perfect for cross country newbies!

The second event will take place on on 5 February in Cammo Nature Reserve. This 5K race offers runners a riverside trail with some muddy fields and a wee climb up the Cammo Tower hill - just to get the lungs pumping!

The third and final race is scheduled for 12 March and this time will see runners take part in a more traditional XC route using the playing fields and parklands of the stunning Fettes College. This two-lap 5K race is completely flat but organisers promise it still has the propensity to be muddy. 

All of these 2 - 3 mile routes involve a mix of fields, grass, forest paths and a teeny bit of tarmac, they are suitable for beginners to the wonderful and muddy world of cross country but will also appeal to the more experienced XC runner. Organisers stress that trail shoes are encouraged but not compulsory, however you will need trainers with a good tread.

If you'd like to know more, visit the Blast Running website here.

Image: Blast Running Facebook​​​​

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