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Carnival atmosphere guaranteed at this Leicestershire event...

Sign up for a summer race that can guarantee a carnival atmosphere - the Market Harborough Carnival 10K. Organisers say: "Get ready to dash, dance and dazzle at the the healthiest Hootenanny of the year!" This year's event will take place on 8 June and will see the town transform into a 'racetrack of revelry, all wrapped up in a wellness wonderland!'

The 10K starts in the Carnival Showground before runners head out on the closed and spectator-lined roads of Market Harborough Town Centre. Participants will then take in the scenic waterside views of the Grand Union Canal and then run down to the iconic Old Grammar School before a sprint around the Showground to the all important finish line.

Organisers remark: "Picture it: you, all charged up, darting through cheers that could drown out the roar of a rock concert, zipping past the snug, shop-lined Market Harborough Town Centre with vibes so vibrant you could surf on ’em! Craving a slice of serenity? You got it! The route will whisk you away for a dreamy date with the Grand Union Canal’s waterscapes. Then brace for a grand finale sprint around the Showground that’ll have you beaming brighter than a grand marquee!"

On completion of the race runners will all receive a medal that also unlocks an afternoon and evening of unlimited Carnival music and fun? But wait, there’s more heart in this hustle! The theme for 2024 is health and wellbeing and so race entry doesn’t just clock miles; it will also fund lifesaving defibrillators for the town, making each step a stride for community welfare.

Last word to organisers: "Hurry and enter! This isn’t our first rodeo. With 2022 and 2023 selling out faster than free flapjacks at a pancake party, we don’t want you left on the sidelines."

If you'd like to know more, visit the Market Harborough Carnival website.

Image: Market Harborough Carnival

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