The Roundhay Rudolph

Roundhay's Runnin' Reindeer

There's a festive route for all to enjoy in Leeds this Christmas...

We've seen reindeer runs before, but not like this one! Leeds is now home to a piece of festive Strava art and everyone is welcome to run the Roundhay Rudolph!

The festive masterpiece is the work of the McLoughlin family, who came up with the idea to raise money for two local charities and one international charity – St Gemma’s Hospice; Friends of Roundhay Park; and WWF. The family appreciate what the green space of Roundhay Park has given them during the past lockdowns and the tireless work St Gemma’s do in caring for those in the Leeds community living with a terminal illness.

Running the Roundhay Rudolph is not only about fundraising but very much for the benefit of local runners, walkers, and cyclists to enjoy during the long, cold winter months.

The McLoughlin's said: "Exercise is a key way we as a family combat pressure, stress and aid our mental health. We're hoping providing this route enables those that run/cycle/walk it to gain the same benefits as we do through exercise and given the fun route potentially inspire people during the colder darker months.

"We'd really like to see everyone's efforts so please use the hashtag #RoundhayRudolph, can we get it trending?"

Sharing Roundhay Rudolph was inspired by seven-year-old Jessica, who had been looking for opportunities to help support the local community and is also desperate to help save the planet. The route was inspired by Dad John's love for running although four-year-old Alexander wasn't happy with the initial design as Roundhay Rudolph had no mouth, which was promptly corrected!

Run the Roundhay Rudolph this Christmas and donate over on the JustGiving page .

Image courtesy of: Leeds Run Routes

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