Babcock 10K Series a triple challenge for 2022

Babcock 10K Series a triple challenge for 2022

Running your first marathon isn’t the only New Year’s Resolution out there

Runners’ resolutions tend to focus on targeting a new race distance. But what happens if you’ve already run your first marathon, or moved up from the 5K to the 10K?  

Rather than taking on more distance, why not take on more races?

The Babcock Series of 10K races is perfect for runners wanting to set themselves a new type of challenge in 2022. 

Three springtime events make up the West Coast series: the Babcock Helensburgh 10K (Thursday, 5 May @7.30pm); the Babcock Dumbarton 10K (Thursday, 12 May @ 7.30pm); and the Babcock Shettleston 10K (Sunday, 29 May @ 10am).

Taken on their own, the individual 10K races are achievable for most runners, but racing all three in a space of just over three weeks poses a different type of challenge. Recovery, nutrition and rest will become a major part of planning, and provide valuable lessons for future runs. It’s also a good way to get back into the routine of racing, after a patchy few years for events. 

With an early May start, the Babcock 10K Series gives even the rustiest of resolution runners plenty of time to train. Three different training plans by Team GB runner Sonia Samuels – for 40 minute, 50 minute and 60 minute finishes – are even provided on the series website to help runners of all abilities achieve their goals. 

Running an established race series like the Babcock – 35 years and counting – gives you a chance to follow your progress over the years. You’ll also be part of one of the most popular and prestigious race series in Scotland: over 1900 runners entered the three events held in 2019, with almost 1500 finishing. 

If you’ve made your mind up to take on the triple challenge – or even just one or two of the races – don’t leave it until the New Year to enter. Capacity for each of the three races is capped at 1200 runners a piece, and all three are already 35% to 40% full – even before the New Year's Resolutions start kicking in.

Image courtesy: Babcock 10K Series

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