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Food Bank Run Needs You

Food Bank Run continues its training run takeover in 2024, are you in?

If you're looking for a way to help others this winter how about joining in a Food Bank Run? The kind-hearted concept was rolled out by members of Fareham Running Club in February 2018 and has since gone nationwide!

The driving force behind Food Bank Run is Sarah Don, who responded to an idea from her club secretary for a rather different training run. As soon as it was clear the run would be fun and helping people in less fortunate circumstances Sarah was sold.

Food Bank Run has now been adopted by clubs and running groups all over the UK. Sarah told us: "The food bank run had an amazing nationwide launch last winter. We saw over 550 clubs, groups, schools take part - all making a massive difference to their local communities.

"The runs took place in many different forms with some running directly to their local food banks with backpacks of donations. Others ran to their supermarket, filled trolleys and left it in the donation baskets. And others held a special run where everyone brought a donation on the day. The giving was incredible!!

"However, this winter I am sad to say that the need is still there. So our call is to ask runners across the UK to once again change a training run into a Food Bank Run.

"The Food Bank Run is a simple idea: Organise a run with your club runners, groups runners or your own running buddies, run to your local food bank and fill it up. Our aim is to get every running club in the UK to do this during the month of February 2023."

The number of people using food banks is growing close to 3 million – having more than doubled over seven years – according to statistics compiled by UK Food Bank Charity, The Trussell Trust.

If you'd like to know more, visit the Foodbank Run Facebook page or the runr website.

Image: Food Bank Run Facebook

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