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The countdown is on for Marcothon 2023, can you commit to run every day in December?

This December thousands of runners will choose to commit to the personal challenge of running at least three miles or 25 minutes every day of the month, ‘for nothing and no reason whatsoever’. It is, of course, almost time for Marcothon 2023!

For those not already in the know, the rules of Marcothon are simple: those committing to the challenge must run every day in December, including Christmas Day itself - no mean feat! Each run must be a minimum of three miles or 25 minutes long, which ever comes first. There’s no playing catch-up, either; if runners miss a day, they’re out. Only running – not walking, cycling or any other activity – counts, but pace is not important.

Now in its 15th edition, the Marcothon began in the winter of 2009, when Glasgow-based ultrarunner Marco Consani designed a challenge to keep him running over the darkest days of winter. He settled on running at least three miles every day in November, and achieved his goal.

After seeing her husband’s fitness and motivation improve as he worked through his challenge, Consani’s ultrarunner wife Debbie decided to do the same the following month – naming the challenge the ‘Marcothon’ in his honour.

Word of the challenge soon spread around the world and the Marcothon community quickly grew. In 2010, the challenge joined Facebook, where it now has more than 8K supportive friends in a private group where participants can post their runs and share in their agonies (and ecstasies).

Elizabeth Ewing recently commented in the group: "I completed my first Marathon on Sunday in Dublin. I started running November 2022 and Marcothon was what kept me focused everyday in December to improve my training. The support on this group was brilliant and so positive. Will I be taking part this year? Hell yeah! I might even have to invest in a Marcothon top."

If you'd like to be a part of the Facebook group, you can do so here.

Image: Marcothon Facebook

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