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Spiderman with Batman

Spiderman leads superhero charge in Scotland

Tough situations need superhero solutions. And Scotland's running community has really stepped up in the coronavirus crisis with Spiderman leading the fight in Fife.

But this job needs more than one superhero and Duloch's Dave Roper (aka Spiderman) has been quick to sign up Batman, Supergirl, The Flash, Captain America and Mrs Incredible, to name just a few, in the battle to bring a smile to faces and boost morale across Scotland.

The Duloch Spiderman reported to BBC Radio Scotland's Kaye Adams yeserday (Thursday 9 April) saying: "I started running as Spiderman three weeks ago to brighten up my lockdown day. I soon realised that people in Duloch enjoyed seeing me and, as the days went by, more and more people were clapping and cheering. All at a safe distance, of course."

The Duloch Spiderman posts details of his daily run in advance and also uses a live tracker so supporters know when they will see the superhero. Those supporters responded with banners and balloons along the route plus lots of kids in their own fancy dress.

Dave Roper was initially inspired to use his lockdown runs to support Calaiswood School in Duloch where his son Liam, who is autistic, is a pupil. His efforts on GoFundMe website have raised over £2,700 so far.

Realising this was a job that need more superhero input the Duloch Spiderman met up with his pal Deadpool on Tuesday. Deadpool was in action on the streets of Dunfermline yesterday. Further superhero sightings have been recorded in Dundee and Glenrothes.

The Duloch Spiderman is planning to create a post-crisis fancy dress mile fun run for kids (and adults) and is hoping that a number of the superhero fraternity will be in attendance.

Find out more the Duloch Spiderman on his Facebook page.

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