Scottish government seeks club views on effect of coronavirus on community sport

Survey to gauge past, present and future health of our running clubs and sports venues

The Scottish government’s Health and Sport Committee has launched an online survey to learn more about the impact of coronavirus on sport in the community.

Earlier this month, members of the committee agreed to undertake a short, focused inquiry into the impact of coronavirus restrictions on our sports clubs, leisure venues and communities.  

In particular, the committee wants to learn more about the impact of coronavirus on the mental and physical health of individuals as well as the financial impact the restrictions have had on the clubs and organisations themselves.

The online survey is designed to be completed by clubs (amateur, professional or semi-professional), sporting organisations, community sports hubs, charities and sports venues.

It focuses largely on whether coronavirus restrictions have led to the reduction, change or cessation altogether of community-based sporting activities as well as any fluctuations – up or down – to membership. 

The survey also seeks to gather information about how clubs and organisations have changed how they’ve engaged with their members over the last few months – whether that be redesigning activities, planning online social events or communicating in different ways – and the potential long-term impact restrictions have had on their ability to engage with members and offer opportunities for sport. 

Clubs, venues and organisations wanting to make their views known have until Monday 7 December 2020 to submit their survey information.

Image courtesy: Emma Simpson (Unsplash)

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