Happy runners at Big Fun Run

Time to make our own fun

Lockdowns continue to play havoc with the scheduling of our favourite events but a little imagination and the promise of great rewards means our runs and jogs can take us to a good place.

One of the real downs of 2020 has been that our favourite running events have been shelved. The event that was just right for you, the one you looked out for on the calendar, pencilled in and prepared for, determined to enjoy the big day!

Events like the Big Fun Run – the one where you leave your stopwatch at home and just enjoy the colour and excitement of the day; Dog Jog – where you and your best running buddy get to meet up with all your pals; and Supernova Run – dazzling venues like Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Bournemouth Pier and the Kelpies.

One thing those top series shared was the terrific goodies participants enjoyed afterwards and that is still part of the package for the re-imagined Big Fun Runs, Dog Jogs and Supernova Runs.

Big Fun Run is the event for mums, dads, kids, grandparents all joining in the fun as they complete, usually in a leisurely fashion, the 5k distance. Now organisers want to take that "have fun as you run" to their newly-created virtual option. If you’re just beginning your journey to being more active and improving your fitness, and are looking for a relaxed, friendly and fun challenge to help motivate you, then Big Fun Run is for you!

The great thing about the Big Fun Run Virtual Challenge is that it’s your challenge and your rules. Do whichever distance you like, whether that’s 5K or a bit more. Complete your challenge whichever way suits you best – whether that’s a brisk walk, a jog or a run. Split your chosen distance over a number of days or weeks – you don’t need to do it all in one day. You make the rules!

Plus you get this amazing bundle of goodies:

  • Bright, strong and practical Big Fun Run drawstring bag
  • Big Fun Run buff for keeping you warm on those colder runs
  • Gorgeous medal & lanyard which can be separated and used as a lovely keyring
  • Printable participation number
  • Personalised finisher certificate
  • An audio countdown to kick off your challenge in style
  • Downloadable Training Plans
  • Added to the Big Fun Run Virtual Challenge finisher’s list

Have fun as you prepare for a great Christmas or get 2021 off to a flying start – sign up for Big Fun Run Virtual Challenge online now.

Online details are also available for Dog Jog and Supernova Run.

Image courtesy: GSi Events

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