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Prestwold 5K promises really fast racing

A second Elite sub-15 minute mens race is open for entries.

There is nothing like a 5K as a test of one’s speed and stamina and whilst opportunities to do so have been limited as a result of the pandemic there is one such event on Sunday 22 November. The Prestwold 5K is organised by Real Races on a flat circuit that is traffic-free and Covid-secure and is open to runners of all abilities, from the beginner to the elite.

Prestwold Hall in Loughborough, Leicestershire is the venue for this day-long event sponsored by Runday and RunStars that takes place on an accurately measured 5K course. There's a real opportunity of a PB on the fast and flat motor circuit with runners grouped into multiple separate starts following a comprehensive risk assessment as part of the RunBritain guidelines. The groups of runners will safely merge throughout the race whilst adhering to the rules about social distancing.

The action begins with Open Race 1 at 9am followed by the Runday Open Race, Open Race 3 then the races with entry standards, i.e. 18-20 min Men & Sub 22-24 min Women. There is an Elite Women’s A Race and two Elite Sub 15 min Men’s Races sponsored by RunStars – a second race created due to demand.     

For many it is a welcome chance to race against others and get back into the routine. Many have run on their own during lockdown but without others to compete against and nothing to focus on, their motivation (and speed!) has suffered. Here is a way to regain that enthusiasm and possibly bag a PB into the bargain. 

Image courtesy of Real Races.

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