Adam Holland in Brathay 10in10

'Tango' fizzes at Brathay

Ten marathons; 10 days; all sub-3-hours = no problem for Adam Holland

Adam 'Tango' Holland completed the extraordinary feat of running 10 marathons on 10 consecutive days in less than three hours each to smash his own record in the 16th annual Brathay 10in10, based at Brathay Hall in Cumbria.

The proud Devonian, from Tavistock, is a veteran of 15 multi-day marathon challenges, including four Brathay 10in10, where he held the record at 30:20:54 (average marathon time 3:02:05) set in 2010.

As the Guinness World Record holder for running 10 marathons in 10 days in 2017 at Lake Orta, Italy (27:38:36, average 2:45:51) there was always potential for improvement at Brathay but the course is exceptionally tough, comprising a single loop around Lake Windermere with 1,400ft of ascent, including the 200ft climb in half a mile at The Devil's Gallop.

The anti-clockwise circuit takes in Hawkshead, Newby Bridge, Bowness-on-Windermere, and Ambleside with breathtaking views of Lake Windermere – England's largest natural lake.

Sporting race number one and his trademark flame shorts, Tango got to work on day one (13 May) with a comfortable victory in a brisk 2:48:39 – a Windermere record – and the die was cast. 

His tenth marathon, on Sunday 22 May, was his fastest (2:45:43) for another Windermere record and his remaining eight 26.2 milers were run in 2:59:24; 2:57:31; 2:47:22; 2:57:10; 2:57:33; 2:57:24; 2:55:24; 2:56:35 for a total of 29:02:47 and an average of 2:54:16!

There were 19 starters in this year's Brathay 10in10 and 18 finishers. The runners-up to the fizzing Tango were Cumbrian Dave Edwards from Barrow-in-Furness (M50, 36:03:37) and Sam Castle from Prestwich (36:42:55). 

The top three women finished in 11th to 13th positions overall: Louise Cantley from Leeds (W55, 46:15:20); Amy Bradley (W40 Ripley RC, 46:33:49) and Maria Masters from St Helens (W40, 47:36:30).

Race details are at Brathay 10in10 here and full results are here

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Images courtesy Adam Holland and Brathay Challenges

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