Zoe And Helen Run 100th Marathon in 100 Weeks At Christmas Bear Challenge

Zoe and Helen complete 100th marathon at Christmas Bear Challenge

Helen Littlebury and Zoe Cook achieved a marathon milestone at Monday’s (3 December) Christmas Bear Challenge. They completed their 100th marathon in 100 weeks.

The stunning trails in Salcey Forest, Northampton were the location for this multi-lap race from Big Bear Events. Entrants decided how many 3.3-mile laps to run within the 6-hour time limit and on a relatively flat woodland course. There was plenty of support from marshals, savoury gels and snacks at the feed stations, a well signposted route and good camaraderie between the runners.

Helen and Zoe were targeting their 100th marathon and posted 5:13:59 (8 laps) and 5:31:32 (8 laps) respectively to complete their challenge in the planned 100 weeks. Other marathon feats at the Christmas Bear Challenge included Craig Lovelock who is aiming to run 100, sub-4 hour marathons in a year. He completed his 99th marathon in 3:53:29. Nick Nicholson who has set himself the goal of 1,000 marathons in four years is, after two years, on track to succeed. He ran 10 laps in 6:33:53.

Also worthy of a mention is Christine who despite never having run further than 6 miles more than doubled that distance. She ran 16.5 miles (5 laps) and was one of many who exceeded their expectations.

The event was won by Richard Quennell who completed 12 laps or 39.6 miles in 5:40:24; Kerstine Herbert ran the furthest for the women, managing 10 laps or 33 miles in 5:32:12.

Everyone was rewarded with a medal, flapjack and a bottle of beer, cider or apple juice for their efforts. Big Bear Events would like to thank Longhaul Endurance, Napton Cidery, Nobby’s Brewery and Rugby Real Bread for their support.

Image courtesy of Graham Malt.

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