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Will Run For Cake

There's not much runners like more than a slap of post-race cake, so this event is sure to please the masses...

There is no better reward for a long run, done well than a large slab of cake, and that’s exactly what’s on offer to runners taking part in the Yorkshire Cakeathon! 

Returning on 19 March at Penistone in Sheffield, the ‘cakeathon’ is a 6-hour timed event in which runners complete as many (or few) of the 6.55 mile loop as they wish. In fact one completed lap makes you an official finisher! It is also worth noting that there will be cake rewards for each lap done! 

100% off road, the course is along an old railway line and closed to traffic, it involves a gentle out and back from the Community Centre in Penistone along the Trans Pennine Trail. 

Organisers encourage participants to bring their own edible creations and there will be prizes for the best cakes of the day, including best cake featuring marzipan, best cookie/brownie and best vegan offering. 

Cake makes tired runners smile, but they also love a quality medal. Good news for all then as the Cakethon bling is top notch and 'custom made'. And that's not all - organisers are proud of their goody bags too...

 “There will be nothing healthy in our goody bags! There is also a well stocked base camp with plenty of nibbles and refreshments for post race replenishment. Again there is nothing healthy here, no isotonic drinks or fruit. But biscuits, crisps, nuts, cakes, rocky road, M&Ms - those sorts of things!”

This event is certainly one for the sweet-toothed!

You can find out more at the Saxons, Vikings & Normans Marathons & Running Challenges website

Image: Saxons, Vikings & Normans Marathons & Running Challenges

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