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Scottish coach recruits Kenyan help for video support

Last week runABC Scotland reported on the virtual initiative from West End Road Runners (WERR). The Glasgow club is just one of many around the country replacing their group and collective activities with solo schedules and online support.

At the other end of Scotland, Sophie Dunnett reported: "Doing the same at North Highland Harriers. A time to come together as clubs whilst staying apart."

One of the key elements in the WERR virtual programme is coach Colin Thomas's weekly YouTube led session. For his second session Colin went international and recruited two of contacts from his regular visits to Kenya.

Colin began the session, which require two pieces of equipment – a thick book and two soup-sized cans, with an on-the-spot jogging warm-up utlising the makeshift equipment to enable lateral bounds and squats with raised arm extensions.

Colin then introduced Isaiah Kosgei, the 2019 Loch Ness Marathon winner, who demonstrated the core exercises which included a challenging dynamic variation on a static plank. The next Kenya-based guest was coach John Ewoi who illustrated the mobility exercises which Colin repeated with guidance back at his Glasgow studio.

The Week 2 video finished with instructions for the quality outdoor session of the programme which fittingly had a Kenyan theme – a Kenyan fartlek session of 1 minute on /1 minute off on a 10k loop (might be a bit shorter for us 50+ minute 10k runners).

Commenting on the current situation Colin Thomas said: "It was great to work with Isaiah and John on this week's video. Corona virus doesn't prejudice who it attacks, but here we have two completely different communities, thousands of miles apart, coming together in the fight for health."

Check out Week 2 of the Colin Thomas WERR video series below.

Find out more about West End Road Runners (WERR) at the club website.

Find out more about Colin Thomas at the Marathon Guy website.

Image: Isaiah Kosgei after winning Loch Ness Marathon 2019 (courtesy Loch Ness Marathon)

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