Canicross Runner At Bedgebury Forest

Pooch to 5K

Here’s the dilemma: you own a dog that needs his or her daily walk and you want to go for a run but the official guidelines are to only go outside once a day for exercise. The solution: go running with Rover.

This may sound like preaching to the converted if you always run with your dog and/or do Canicross events but if you’ve never thought about it before now, why not give it a try? You’ll both benefit from the fresh air and spring sunshine and the break if you are working from home and are starting to go stir crazy.

If your dog is of the right age, fit and healthy then he or she will be able to run and the majority enjoy this although there are a few exceptions that prefer the sofa to being active! You can run with your dog on a lead but many people wear a waist or hip belt that enables them to keep their hands free. The dog wears a harness and is joined to their owner via a bungee line.

Ideally choose a route that is quiet and that you and your canine companion can access from home rather than involving a car journey. Many parks are still open giving you another option and in accordance with the rules surrounding social distancing, keep at least two metres apart from other people. A quick 'hello' to another runner and their dog is fine but don’t be tempted to stop and chat.

And if your faithful friend goes out more than once a day either ask your partner or other adult in your house to take him/her for a walk or reduce this to a single excursion.

Image courtesy of Nice Work

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