Conquer the Continents: Antarctica Medal

Keep cool & run Antarctica

Conquer the Continents virtual series aims to chill out in Antarctica

Swap the heat of Africa – the third continent on this journey – for the cold of Antarctica and run in the footsteps of explorers Scott and Amundsen. Entries are now open for this 5 mile virtual run – part of the ‘Conquer the Continents’ series. 

Antarctica is the fourth stop in this virtual global tour organised by Mash Running that attracts runners with a sense of adventure and a love of bling. The medals for this virtual event are worthy of their own award and the latest is no exception, showing a desire to roam amongst the various features. 

As Britain basks in a mini heatwave, the series heads to the South Pole and the opportunity to stay chilled this summer by completing 5 miles and with the option of doing it in one go or breaking it down into smaller distances. Laps are an option although these don’t appeal to some runners who prefer an out and back route. The 5 miles can be done as part of a longer run. 

Participants can run, walk, cycle or swim but whatever they choose, they must submit evidence as proof of completion. A screenshot from a running app, Strava data or a photo of a display on a GPS watch, Fibit etc that shows the distance are all acceptable. Photos and selfies are welcome. The medals are posted out once a week.  

Whilst lockdown restrictions have been eased Mash Running states that runners must follow the latest guidelines including social distancing. 

Sign up for cool running at the Mash Running website.

Image courtesy: Mash Running

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