Two Breweries Hill Race

Do You Have What It Takes?

Not for the faint-hearted, but this hill race has plenty to offer those looking for a real challenge this autumn...

Disclaimer: this is definitely not a race for beginners... but should you be a seasoned runner looking for a challenge, and one that involves hills, then there is a Scottish classic that should absolutely be on your hit list! The Two Breweries Hill Race is an iconic, and challenging, hill run between two breweries (Traquair and Broughton) that covers 30K with 1,500m of ascent in the wild hills of the Tweed Valley and beyond.

First run in 1983, Two Breweries is one of the 'long classic' Scottish hill races. This year the race will take place on 23 September with runners congregating on the lawn in front of the historic courtyard gates at Traquair House.

The race is around 18 miles long and includes some 4,900ft of ascent. The terrain predominantly follows hill tracks, but includes sections of open heather with some short sections along country roads. A custom Harveys map of the route (1:40K scale, double-sided on waterproof paper, with all checkpoints marked) is available for £5 at race registration, or contact the organisers.

Organisers warn: "This race is an arduous event which should not be undertaken by runners who are unfit or are inexperienced in the hills. Full emergency kit comprising wind and waterproof full body cover, a map of the entire race route, orienteering-type compass, whistle and food equivalent to a chocolate bar must be carried by all runners."

The record (2:33:57) was set by John Taylor in 1992. John was an international athlete who died in 2002, aged 33, from a heart condition known as cardiomyopathy. The John Taylor Foundation was created to raise awareness of this condition, and to assist young athletes. The women's record (2:53:56) was set by Angela Mudge in 2000.

Post race, the prize giving is held at Broughton Village Hall, where runners and supporters can enjoy hot soup, cake and perhaps even a well-earned beer!

If you'd like to know more, visit the Two Breweries Hill Race website.

Image: Two Breweries Hill Race Facebook

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