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Test Yourself Over 20

If you've signed up for a springtime marathon then test yourself at this popular 20 miler beforehand...

If you've signed up for a late spring marathon, London for example - then you will want to test yourself over a long distance before race day itself. A perfect distance for this test of endurance, is a 20 miler and as luck would have it we can bring you details of such an event today.

The Trimpell 20 is a popular long-distance race held annually in Lancaster. It attracts runners from all over the UK and beyond who are looking to challenge themselves and prepare for upcoming marathons. The race is typically held around the end of February or early March, which is around six weeks before the London Marathon. This year, the race is scheduled for 12 March.

A spokesperson from race organiser, Lancaster Races, said: "Many runners use the Trimpell 20 mile race as a key part of their training program for the London Marathon. By completing the 20-mile race, runners can assess their fitness levels, work on pacing strategies, and gain valuable experience of running a long-distance race."

The race includes a mixture of flat, undulating sections, as well as some challenging turns and twists. It is also 90% traffic free and takes runners through the historic city of Lancaster and the stunning Lancashire Lune Valley countryside.

The spokesperson continued: "The Trimpell 20 aims to be a friendly race organised by runners who are dedicated to delivering a superb event for every type of runner as well as supporting local charities. It is an ideal race before your chosen marathon."

There is also a 10 mile event held on the same day, the Golden Ball 10, which could be a perfect test for those who have signed up for a half marathon distance later in the year.

If you'd like to know more, visit the Lancaster Races website.

Image: Lancaster Races

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