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Three Treadmill Workouts to Reach Your Next PB

Any avid runner will tell stories of training in adverse weather conditions; snow, blizzards, storms and torrential rain. Like a war wound they proudly announce they finished the run in spite of the weather.

As much as we love telling a good story, why bother battling the elements when you could focus all your attention on training and reaching a new personal best. A treadmill in your home enables dedicated runners to train come rain or shine, and that’s where real progress starts to happen!

NordicTrack are the experts in at home treadmills with a wide variety of high-tech models to choose from. The treadmill often gets a bad rep as the domain of beginners but that is a long outdated opinion, the treadmill is also a tool for well-trod runners to hone their technique.

Use these 3 treadmill workouts to push yourself to your next personal best on race day

The 3-6-mile tempo run

A simple but effective workout, start running at a solid tempo which is comfortable and won’t burn you out too quickly. Adjust the settings on the treadmill and carry on the majority of the run at this pace, it’s important to resist playing about with the speed buttons too much here. For the last mile up the tempo so you’re challenging yourself but not going completely flat out and hold this until the finish.

One of the key benefits to running on a treadmill is its ability to help you maintain and monitor your pacing. Let the treadmill do the work and allow yourself to zone out slightly as you focus on breathing and technique.

The Lactate Flush

Start by calculating your pace from your most recent race times, then translate those miles per hour to the treadmill. Start at a moderate pace and climb up and down in speed, making sure never to recover too slowly. A 5k runner would spend about 30 minutes on this exercise and a marathon runner might spend upwards of 2 hours. You’ll soon begin to find this training style easier and will start to see some staggering results. You can also rely on integrated coaching technologies such as iFit which offers you a variety of workouts to help you perform while having fun at the same time.

The main purpose of this treadmill workout is to teach pace control and train a variety of muscles. The name comes from the flushing effect of the lactate system when you drop the pace somewhat but don’t quite go all the way down to recovery.

The Endless Uphill

As the name suggests this treadmill workout is for training for a hill or mountain run, or just to challenge yourself by training different muscle groups. Set the treadmill to an incline of between 4 and 8 per cent, and prepare for a long and steady climb for up to an hour. Never set the treadmill at an incline so steep that it breaks down your form…

By swapping out some of the speed for incline, you increase the number and type of muscle fibres recruited and make bigger improvements quicker than you would on a flat. A treadmill allows you to play around with incline in a controlled environment, if you burnt out of energy halfway up a mountain run you might be a little stuck. Training on a treadmill is a safer way to start (and with today’s latest technologies offers much more training variety that we can imagine).


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