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Everyone can be a Tough Mudder this Father’s Day weekend

Tough Mudder is coming to Scotland this Father's Day weekend (15 and 16 June).

The jam-packed course at Drumlanrig Castle includes 10 obstacles new or updated for 2019, not least of which will be Mudderhorn: the tallest obstacle ever seen on a course in the UK.

Standing at an incredible 31 feet tall – over three stories – Mudderhorn requires teams to work together to scale a sheer face, then climb a cargo net up and over a giant A-frame structure.

It's an obstacle unlike any seen before – and it will be waiting to greet all Mudders as they approach the finish line in the Drumlanrig Mudder Village.

If they’re up for the challenge, participants at next weekend’s Scottish Tough Mudder will have their choice of courses to get them to Mudderhorn, including the Tough Mudder 5K, Tough Mudder Classic and even a Tougher Mudder for those ready to push themselves to the limits.

The all-new 5K course offers new and returning Mudders alike the chance to dabble in some filthy obstacle action with brand new and updated obstacles. Both teams and individuals can take on the challenges together, pushing and pulling teammates up, over or under the epic obstacles to make their way to the finish line.

Mudders looking for more of a challenge can opt for the Tough Mudder Classic, an 8–10 mile course packed full of 25 of Tough Mudder's most famous and world-class obstacles – including Mudderhorn, Black Widow and Leap of Faith – all designed to test both physical strength and mental grit. A selection of well-loved teamwork challenges will also be returning to the event.

Appropriately for Father’s Day weekend, the Scottish Tough Mudder will be a family affair. Younger participants can take part in the Lidl Mudder, an even more epic version of the famous Mini Mudder kids obstacle course.

Designed for fun and based on teamwork and adventure, Lidl Mudder is a one-mile course consisting of four laps jam-packed full of obstacles for kids to get a little muddy swinging on monkey bars, dodging through a 'lazer maze' and even tackling a mini version of Tough Mudder's famous Everest obstacle at the end.

Lidl Mudder will be offered on both days of Scotland's Tough Mudder.

Entries to Scotland’s Tough Mudder can be made online, or on the day.

Image: courtesy Tough Mudder UK

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