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Take advantage of sportscotland's free online course on sports bras and breast health...

A sports bra is one of the most important pieces of kit for female runners. It is fairly obvious that a well-fitting bra will make you more comfortable when you are out running, but in news that will surely prick the ears of PB chasers, it could also help you to run faster too!

sportscotland has recently announced that it is offering a free online course full of useful tips and info regarding sports bras and breast health in general. The course is designed for runners/athletes, and their leaders or coaches.

A spokesperson from sportscotland said: "A well-fitting bra can improve comfort, confidence, and even performance – some studies show women run up to 12 minutes faster over the course of a marathon in a properly-fitting bra, due to improved posture and stride. But a high proportion of active women wear ill-fitting bras."

The course aims to provide a better understanding of bras and how to look after your breasts while remaining active. It will include topics like choosing the best bras for you and your activities and recognising what an optimally-fitted bra looks like when on the body.

It will also feature experts from the sportscotland Institute of Sport, along with athletes talking about their own experiences.

If you'd like to know more, visit the sportscotland website.

Image: sportscotland

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