Laps aplenty at the Fractured Marathon

Fractured Marathon is back after a break

Organisers hoping to build upon the success of the inaugural event.

The Fractured Marathon takes place on Saturday 30 October where runners have the chance to complete the iconic 26.2 mile distance but with a difference. They run 10 laps of a 2.6 mile course to achieve an accumulated marathon and hopefully, be in the prizes depending upon their time. 

It is organised by Peak Running who launched this unusual event in 2019 and proved to be a hit with the participants. There was a festival feel throughout at Calke Abbey and many people were keen to do it all again in 2020. 

However, Covid-19 had other ideas which resulted in the cancellation of last year’s event. 

National Trust Calke Abbey is the host once again for the 2021 Fractured Marathon which is open to solos and male/female/mixed teams of non-affiliated and club runners. Starting at 5pm they run laps around an undulating route which is 2.6 miles in total and on a mixture of hard packed trails, woodland tracks, grass and tarmac. These laps are run every half hour on the half hour. 

There is nothing like a bit of competition to get people going and this is certainly the case at this event. Solo runners aim to complete as many of the 10 laps as possible for a full marathon or the more modest goal of a half marathon. Team members can battle with each other, for example posting the quickest time for a marathon. They are allowed to run consecutive laps but must do so within the half hour limit. The event ends at 10pm. 

Have a plan, execute it and maybe just maybe, you'll be rewarded with a prize. 

More information about the event and how to enter can be found at the Peak Running website. 

Image courtesy of Swad Joggers. 

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