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Hill & trail racing set for possible August return

Glimmers of hope for fans of off-road competition

scottishathletics has confirmed that the recent easing of coronavirus restrictions will allow some athletics events to take place in August and September. 

The gradual lifting of Covid-19 restrictions also paves the way for the return of some late summer/early autumn hill and trail events. Smaller road races may also make a return, but physical distancing requirements – for marshals, officials, spectators and runners alike – mean that larger road events may remain out of reach for some time.    

All licenced events are currently suspended by scottishathletics until after 31 July; non-licenced events are not possible to organize under the current Phase 2 restrictions. 

Mark Munro, chief executive of scottishathletics said: "It is pleasing to see signs that we are now on our way out of lockdown, but we fully appreciate that this is a national public health matter, and as such, there is a long way to go.

"A 'return to competition' has been a daily discussion within the organisation and with partners, and whilst we see a return to training and club activity as the sport’s immediate priority, we are desperate to see some track and field competition before the end of the summer."

In the next few weeks scottishathletics plans to publish two guidance documents for event organisers: one for track and field events and one, likely a bit later, for those off-track. The documents will be linked to the ‘phase’ announcements from the Scottish Government. 

The next ‘lockdown’ review is scheduled for this Thursday (9 July), with any resulting changes not likely to be in force before 23 July.

Organisers looking to host events – to be held after the period of suspension is over – should apply for licences as normal.

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