Summer Ready Run MedalsImage: courtesy of Zig Zag Running

Ready for a challenge at the Summer Ready Run?

Hope the going is good for 6 hours at this multi-lap event at Horseheath Racecourse.

How far can you go? That’s the all-important question for participants at the Summer Ready Run on Sunday 20 June where they complete multiple laps in 6 hours. They will be more than ready for that coffee and cake afterwards.

This timed challenge from Zig Zag Running takes place at the attractive Horseheath Racecourse. The venue is used to runners with four legs instead of two but on 20 June its grounds will resonate to the sound of scampering feet instead of pounding hooves, over a range of distances from 10K to ultra. 

The majority of the route is within the racecourse grounds with a small section on a public footpath/bridleway. It is undulating rather than hilly so less of a strain for tired legs after 6 hours of running and there is a water/aid station for hydration and refuelling plus music to provide some extra motivation or to chill out to between laps.

Runners can aim for a 10K, half marathon, marathon or step up to ultra distance. The event is ideal for anyone wishing to try an ultra for the first time as no special kit is needed, the route is easy to follow, there is an aid station after each lap and the location is safe and self-contained. A perfect set up as they chip away at the miles. 

Whilst the mantra “one more lap” will be on many minds, there is another target to aim for, namely a new course record in any of the lap distances. Just to up the competitive ante.

Then gallop across the finish line to receive a double sided medal and recover with a coffee or two and cake – the latter very important for this purpose.

There is still time to be part of the event. For more details and how to enter, visit the Zig Zag Running website.  

Image courtesy of Zig Zag Running.

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