A Bridge Too Far?

This team relay event promises endless coastal scenery and a couple of iconic bridges to boot...

Is this race a bridge too far? That's the question you may be asking should you choose to sign up for June's Scurry2Bridges event. Billed as 'the ultimate test of teamwork, stamina and endurance running' this epic mixed terrain relay takes runners along the scenic Scottish coastline between Dundee, St Andrews and Edinburgh.

Organised by Scurry Events and scheduled for 24/25 June the exciting team challenge will see participants cross two iconic bridges and traverse some 100 miles of beautiful Scottish coastal scenery with the relay commencing at Dundee's Riverside walk and finishing at Edinburgh's Silverknowes promenade.

Team members will take turns to cover the distance with one person from each team running a stage at any one time. The rest of the team will navigate and drive to the next changeover and so on for 16 stages. Each runner must complete a stage before the first runner restarts in rotation completing four stages each of between 4 and 13K and totalling 35K to 45K per runner.

Speaking about the event, a previous participant said: "Superb event, like none other I’ve done before. Enjoyed every minute of it regardless of the moments of pain!"

If the first question was regarding bridges, the second must surely be 'how far will each team get before darkness falls? Head torches and high viz gear is required after sunset and reflective route signage will mark the route for those sections run in the dark.

In order to take part, organisers ask that your team is able to run within an average pace of 7 minutes per km or 11 minutes per mile. Runners must also record on sign up a 10K time in the past two years of less than 1hr 10 minutes for a mixed terrain run.

Those taking part receive an exclusive Scurry2Bridges t-shirt, bespoke finisher's medal, chip timing and Scurry2Bridges team car number and car parking charges along the route.

If you'd like to know more, visit the Scurry2Bridges website.

Image: Scurry2Bridges Facebook

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