Run Launch of Mummy Run Community Run Club

Online running club with benefits from Run Mummy Run & ASICS

Created for women runners to achieve their goals with like-minded others

Sisters are running it for themselves! Award-winning online community Run Mummy Run is proud to present their new running club for women with a range of membership perks and the same ongoing support to further increase their enjoyment of this sport.

This comes on the back of the growing success of Run Mummy Run which has seen an upsurge in members in its online community during the pandemic. The feeling of belonging in a friendly, all-inclusive environment has proved to be winner and this ethos will carry over into the new Community Run Club (CRC) which is supported by leading brand ASICS.   

There are many positives to being a member of a local club which include weekly training runs, coached sessions and advice about nutrition, shoes, recovery etc. Being able to purchase club kit and wear this in races, attending specialist sessions such as Pilates or strength & conditioning, having a post-run tea or coffee (or a beer!) with teammates, taking part in an inter-club competition....the list goes on.   

However, joining a club isn’t always possible especially for women with busy lives who are trying to juggle work with a family and schedule in a run at the same time. They may want to improve their 10K time, run their first marathon or find out how they can prevent a recurring injury, which is where a club would help but are unable to do so for a variety of reasons.

The solution is the Run Mummy Run Community Run Club (RMR CRC). Women everywhere can join and take part in weekly virtual club runs, test themselves in monthly Strava challenges, obtain advice from in-house experts and discuss issues with others in the Facebook group.  

Find out more about these and other bonuses and register your interest at the Run Mummy Run website. 

Image courtesy of Breathe Unity PR

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