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Profeet - The Professional Shoe & Insole Service

All runners suffer from occasional niggles and accompanying aches and pains and these should always be treated for what they are - an early warning of potentially more serious issues. Avoiding injury is key for recreational runners and serious athletes alike and running in the wrong or ill-fitting shoes increases injury risk significantly.

Profeet in Fulham is all about the right advice and the right equipment and they have a serious team of professionals waiting for you in their 3D Motion Lab for runners. It's a one to one service using markerless 3D technology which allows the team to precisely assess your running technique and gait.

A comprehensive professional analysis is the basis of informed solutions that will lead to optimal performance by providing the correct footwear and insoles. This wide ranging review of your gait and overall movement occurs at one appointment and you can happily walk out of the Profeet store confident that you've done everything possible to get the most from your running at the least risk of injury.


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