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Profeet – The Top Sports Footwear Service

Improving running comfort and performance is the goal for many of us especially as we step from spring to summer and we’re upping the miles. Whether you're training for an ultra or running recreationally for fitness, we all want our bodies to operate as efficiently as possible. We also want to steer clear of injury and to enjoy that feeling of smooth movement and easy action.

If you want to be the best you can be then the service available from Fulham-based Profeet is what you're looking for. Profeet's sports footwear and orthotics service is provided by fully qualified professionals with backgrounds in sports science and biomechanics. There is also access to rehab specialists for those of us who want to get back on track after injury or sub-optimal performance. It's a unique resource for runners.

The Profeet team utilises a range of techniques including precise foot measurement, professional gait analysis on treadmills, full foot/ankle/knee/hip video analysis, both barefoot and wearing shoes, and 3D footscan analysis.

Solutions can include customised insoles (to support and cushion your feet and improve fit), advice about footwear and complementary exercise. It’s a comprehensive service - a worthwhile investment in keeping you roadworthy.

Profeet provides advice and support to a number of elite athletes including top ultra-runner Robbie Britton who says:

"Running 261km in 24 hours means you need to look after your feet and no one does a better job than Profeet."

Find out more about instore services including the Running Lab at the Profeet website.

Or call (020 7736 0046)

Or pop-in for a brief chat with one of the team at 867 Fulham Road, London, SW6 5HP

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