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Nominations open for jogscotland’s Annual Awards

Time to recognise those who have ‘gone above and beyond to improve their own, or other people’s, lives through jogscotland’

Nominations have just opened for the 2021 4J Studios jogscotland Annual Awards.

The awards are jogscotland members’ opportunity to recognise the efforts and achievements of their fellow members, from new joggers to experienced jog leaders and everyone in between. 

The three-week window for nominations closes at midnight on Sunday, 15 August 2021. 

Nominations can be made in four categories and can refer to achievements throughout the year since the last nominations closed on 2 August 2020, including virtual jogscotland activities during periods of lockdown. The four categories are:

Achiever of the Year: Any current jogscotland member can be nominated for Achiever of the Year by a fellow group member, a jog leader, a family member or a friend. The nominee might be someone who has overcome great odds to get active, who is inspiring others, or has achieved more than they ever thought possible on their running journey.

Jog Leader of the Year: Anyone who is a current jogscotland jog leader can be nominated for Jog Leader of the Year by a group member, a fellow jog leader, a family member or a friend. The nominee could be someone who has been a great inspiration to their joggers for many years, someone who has excelled at bringing their group together in lockdown through virtual activities and keeping in touch online, or someone who has overcome particular challenges to lead their group.

Group of the Year: Both jogscotland community groups and workplace groups can be nominated for Group of Year, nominations must come from someone in the group itself. Nominations should include information about why the group should receive the award, the history of the group, numbers of those taking part, stories about the jog leaders and jogscotland members, health-improvement achievements, and anything else the group has achieved.

The SAMH Mental Wellbeing Award: Anyone nominated for the SAMH Mental Wellbeing Award should be someone who has used jogging to improve their own or others’ mental wellbeing. Such actions could take the forms of running a project that specifically addresses physical activity and mental wellbeing; overcoming their own mental health challenges to get active with jogscotland; creating a group that supports wellbeing conversations and is welcoming to those facing mental health issues. Nominations for this award can come from an individual member, a jog leader or a jog group.

All nominations should include a comprehensive statement of up to 500 words to help the judging panel with their decisions.

Details of the awards ceremony – which was held online last year – will be announced in due course.


Image: jogscotland Achiever of the Year 2020 – Diane Davidson of Jed Joggers (credit Bill McBurnie)

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