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Newcastle Town Moor parkrun has had a new course approved for the proposed 26 June start date...

On the symbolically important date in Newcastle of 9 June (Blaydon Races and al' that), organisers of Newcastle’s Town Moor parkrun received official approval from the City Council and the Freemen of Newcastle (custodians of the Town Moor) that the event has been approved to return on 26 June. 

This of course is on the proviso that a sufficient number of parkrun events are approved across the country. That news will hopefully be released today at some point, on Tuesday parkrun’s Tom William’s said: “76% of events have permission in place to restart. We will make an announcement on Friday this week on UK channels, confirming whether we have enough permissions in place to target a restart on 26 June as planned.”

But it’s not just the start date that has been approved for Newcastle - there has also been approval for a change in course. When runners return to the Town Moor they will be running a new route! The change in route was initiated by the Event Team who had this to say: “The main motivation for the change of route is to make the course safer by removing obstacles on the path and to enable a more steady flow of participants around the course by having the gates further into the route which will reduce bottlenecks. 

“Relocating the start and finish areas mean that you will have more space before and after the event. This has universal benefits in terms of reducing the chances of trips, falls and other contact injuries and, in the short term, it also makes it easier for everyone to maintain a safe and respectful social distance without compromising anyone’s enjoyment of the event.

Before making the final decision to change the route the Event Team asked a local club to run their scheduled 5km session on the course so they could get feedback from runners across a range of finish times which reflected the range of parkrun participants. Feedback from them in relation to the course was entirely positive. They also helped with valuable feedback to improve the start and finish experience.

You can find the route description and map on Newcastle parkrun’s website

Image from Newcastle parkrun Facebook page

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