shot of the Mizuno Wave Sky 2

Reach For The Sky

Neutral runners looking for a luxurious edge to their running shoe need look no further than Mizuno’s latest offering – the Wave Sky 2.

As you would expect from the pioneering Japanese brand, these shoes have been constructed using innovative technologies that push the boundaries. And from what we can see here at runABC it’s been time well spent in the labs - these shoes offer some seriously impressive cushioning and comfort!

The Mizuno Wave Sky 2 is perfect for high-mileage runners looking for a shoe that provides optimum comfort and a secure fit to tackle the most testing challenges thanks to the mesh base layer’s AeroHug technology. This means that the shoe fits perfectly to your foot, whether you are mid-run or mid-warm-up, stretching as it holds, eliminating the space between foot and shoe for a better midfoot hold. Combined with Wave ultra-soft cushioning and U4icX impact-absorbing midsole for the smoothest ride, you would have to go a long way to find a more luxurious shoe.

So the Wave Sky 2 works to enhance performance, but style-savvy runners will be pleased to hear it also looks the part. Continuing Mizuno’s biomimicry design theme, the Wave Sky’s bold look is inspired by the Chestnut Tiger butterfly, an insect known for its ability to fly great distances. Who knows, maybe wearing a pair of these shoes will inspire you to run great distances too! The beautifully technical design is befitting of such a technically advanced running shoe. Both boxes well and truly checked.

Why not take your running to the next level and reach for the Sky? You won’t regret it!

shot of the Mizuno Wave Sky 2

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