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Mizuno - runABC's New Brand Partner

runABC is happy to announce international sports equipment company Mizuno as our online running brand partner.

Founded in 1906 in Osaka, Japan, Mizuno has a long and distinguished heritage of producing technical and high performance equipment. The brand was also responsible for the World's first ever sports research and development laboratory which opened in 1938. Since those days, running has developed into Mizuno's biggest sport - their passion for technological advancements and improved performance is clear to see in their comprehensive range of running shoes.

This new partnership will see runABC update you, our visitors with a host of content including product updates, new releases, technologies, events, advice & competitions.

Keep in touch across runABC platforms - website, eNews and social media to see how Mizuno running equipment can give you the #PowerToPerform

To find out more about Mizuno visit the Mizuno website.

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