Runners showing their medals at a Vigilantes Maravan event

Multi-lap test awaits Under the Bridge

How far can you go at this new event?

If you have ever wondered how far you could run in 6 hours here is the chance to do just that over one or two days at the Under the Bridge Challenge (11-12 June). Complete as many or as few 5K laps at this small scale event, open to all abilities on a course featuring a well known landmark. 

As this is a pilot event, there are a limited number of places on offer so it's first come first served. Organised by Darren Rowe of Vigilantes Maravan, the Barton-Upon-Humber ‘Under the Bridge Challenge’ involves running 5K (3.1 miles) loops on an out and back route in a safe environment to receive a sustainable medal in return.  

The marathon runner would complete 8 laps plus an extra 2.2 mile lap to give them 26.2 miles. Or step up in distance and complete 36 miles or maybe 40 miles plus which would be an ultra. This is an ideal event for anyone wishing to run an ultra but without the worry of navigation.           

Whether you run 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon or an Ultra, all are held on a flat, traffic-free course alongside the river at Humber Bridge Park, right at the foot of the iconic bridge. This includes a feed station every 5K with a range of tempting nibbles and drinks to keep the legs turning over.    

The event will be held on the weekend of 11-12 June and there is the option to enter one or if you're feeling ambitious, both days. 

Darren Rowe is keen to see if people embrace the idea saying: “We make fun little events that people return to again and again.” He is excited too as: “There aren’t many opportunities locally for people who have just graduated from Couch to 5K to run alongside and win the same medal as hardened ultra runners.”   

Give it a try. Sign up for the Under the Bridge Challenge via The Maravan website.   

Image courtesy of Darren Rowe (Vigilantes Maravan). 

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