London Winter Run 2024 penguin characters

A Party Of Penguins?

London's coolest 10K raises vital funds for Cancer Research UK...

Penguins always flock together to protect the colony from predators and to huddle from the cold. There are more than 20 collective nouns for a group of penguins – colony and huddle being two of the most common – but we are open to suggestions for a group of humans dressed as the iconic Antarctic flightless birds (as above). Perhaps a party of penguins!

This year's volunteers for the Penguin Party at the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run did not need to huddle from the cold as conditions were pretty good with some sunshine peeking through the persistent clouds following rain that had fallen during the week.

The mood was jubilant in Trafalgar Square on Sunday (25 February) as 18,000 participants warmed up with Runna and snapped selfies with an array of wintry characters. As always, charity was the biggest winner with an estimated £850,00 raised for Cancer Research UK.

The first wave started promptly at 09:30 and (snow) flurries of participants were spurred on by cheering crowds, uplifting live music, high-fiving Huskies, and waddles of dancing penguins.

Doing the HOKA Cokey and dancing away at the front of the huge field were HOKA-sponsored athletes Jonathan Davies (28:46) and Emma Pallant (32:33). The top three men broke 30 minutes with HOKA's Tom Anderson (28:49) second and Mark Pearce (Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers, 29:38) third.

The women's podium was completed by HOKA's Mhairi Maclennan (33:18) and Sarah Astin (Belgrave Harriers, 33:36). Around 400 athletes went under 40 minutes on the classic course in the heart of London that showcases so many of the capital city's landmarks.

All finishers were presented with the chunky beauty that is the official finisher medal, featuring an isometric 3D design which added to the icy theme. Many were spotted snapping their post-event reward with polar bears, with some working all the camera angles to snap a selfie with Big Ben in the background!

You can already sign up for next year’s event on Sunday 23 February at the website here.

Previous results and reports are available via runABC South race listing here.

Photo courtesy Cancer Research UK London Winter Run

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