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Confessions of a prodigal reporter in lock-down

Savvy shoppers are making the most of online offers

Research by Internet Retailing published last month reveals that 77% of us have bought more stuff online during the Coronavirus lock-down and most of us expect to continue long after we have returned to more normal times. Perhaps mandatory face masks in shops will add to this statistic – or might it encourage more people to return to the High Street?

The worldwide boom in online retail has helped propel Jeff Bezos, already the world's richest man, to a personal fortune reported to be close to £150billion. The Amazon boss apparently added a world record £10billion to his bank balance on Monday (20 July), the largest daily increase in any individual's wealth ever according to Bloomberg's billionaires' index – who even knew there was such a thing?    

While internet retailing has been a lifeline to many shops and agile businesses have adapted quickly to take advantage, it seems that many runners still prefer to try on their kit, especially shoes, in the store before committing to a purchase. And that has its own challenges as tried on items now have to be quarantined and/or sanitised before they can be returned to displays.

Confession time. A little lock-down loosening of the plastic has even struck runABC South reporter Alan Newman, who has been wondering about some of the more unusual purchases you may have made during those all too fleeting moments of respite between working from home, training and managing family life.

Going against the grain, our reporter succumbed to his first-ever pair of slip-on running shoes by the well-known brand that implores its customers to 'Just Do It'. If you need another clue, our indecisive writer/runner wasn't at all sure how he would React 2 them! 

An 'up to 50%' discount alert from Money Saving Expert, plus free postage as a member of a loyalty scheme, clinched the deal. Early reports of running in slippers are they are comfy, they do slip on and they don't slip off (during a run). But we are still waiting for the 'swoosh' effect in running pace!

An early stocking filler, or rather shoe filler, could be a pair of DrySure Active shoe dryers (pictured above). We have tested these non-electric, British made trainer/boot inserts that use silica beads in a sack held inside a glossy, plastic cage. On, the admittedly rare, wet days this summer, they have worked a treat and are easy to reactivate in the sun or the airing cupboard. These simple, practical and clever devices are available at 50% off in some designs at Drysure website now 

Feel free to confess your own lock-down online experiences – good or bad – but don't forget your local running shop really needs you back in person for some retail therapy that will help them recover from the toughest time for many businesses in living history.  

Image courtesy Drysure Active

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