Free weekly 5K time trial from Nice WorkImage: Nice Work

Don’t miss out on these free, weekly 5Ks at JustRun

Free, virtual, time trials from Nice Work for runners wanting their weekly 5k fix.

Missing parkrun? Nice Work have the answer in the form of free, virtual weekly 5K time trials known as 'JustRun’ to keep the mind sharp and the body primed for action. There is a competitive aspect for runners keen to monitor their performance over time.

For many of us, Saturday is parkrun day where we run or walk a free, timed 5K in the company of others and depending upon the mood, have a PB in our sights. The coronavirus outbreak has put the brakes on this popular activity but where’s there’s a will there’s a way and these free, weekly 5Ks are a prime example of adapting to the circumstances. They are also perfect for anyone looking to boost their mental health.

Nice Work invites runners to channel their competitive instincts in these virtual time trials where they run 5K, record the session then send this evidence to them. These weekly sessions can be done outdoors or on a treadmill but if running outside, continue to follow social distancing guidelines. A GPS running watch, fitness tracker or activity tracking app is fine for recording finish times and if the runner goes further than the distance, the organisers will adjust their time via their pace to create a 5K time. 

They will gather all the finish times and display these on a weekly leader board where runners can see how they fare against others. 

There is a JustRide option for people who prefer to cycle which requires them to complete a 10 mile time trial. They record this and submit evidence in the same way as JustRun participants.

To register for JustRun or JustRide, visit the Nice Work website. 

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