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Join the Rainbow Home Run to beat the lockdown blues

It is always the small efforts that, when joined together, make a big difference. The organisers of the Virtual Rainbow Home Run Challenge are hoping this will be the case as people run for the NHS and essential service charities.

We all need a challenge during the lockdown and Andy Buck and Julie Raftery with the support of their club Hermitage Harriers have devised a virtual event that is accessible to all and within government guidelines. More importantly, it is raising funds for NHS Charities Together and local Essential Service Charities who are playing a vital role in the war against coronavirus.

The lockdown theme is reflected in the four part jigsaw medal that interlocks together. Each piece is awarded upon completion of the designated distance and they fit together neatly, making it a collector’s item for anyone who does all four.

The choices are 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and a Marathon and each distance has its own unique title in keeping with the current situation. There is the ‘Loopy Lockdown 5K’ which is appropriately named as many of us are going stir crazy! The ‘Garden Gallop 10K’ that takes in the best of our back lawns; the ’Home Run Half Marathon’ that everyone wants to hit and the ‘Against The Odds Marathon’ that says it all really.

Entries have now opened for this challenge that is suitable for children as well as adults making it ideal for families stuck at home. The one stipulation is that it must be completed in your garden or driveway and can be done as part of the once a day exercise allowance.

For more information about the virtual challenge and where to sign up, visit the Virtual Rainbow Garden Run Event Entry page.

Image courtesy of Virtual Rainbow Home Run Challenge

Virtual Rainbow Home Run Jigsaw Medal

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