Cove & Kilcreggan 10K Route

Brand New 10K For Rosneath Peninsula

There's a scenic new race coming to the west of Scotland this June...

There's a brand new 10K coming to the West of Scotland in June this year, and it looks like it's going to be a bit of a stunner! The Cove & Kilcreggan 10K is set for 4 June and will take runners on a scenic tour of the beautiful Rosneath Peninsula.

The race offers a mixed terrain route, starting on the flat along road and pavement then turning up onto the forestry track which is undulating with beautiful scenery. The forestry track will be a little challenging as it has a slow incline but organisers assure us that once runners reach the 5K point "it's a satisfying downhill run on the track then pavement all the way back to the finishline!"

There is also an option to walk the 10K, organisers comment: "If someone you know might fancy joining you for a walk then they can do so and also receive a lovely medal."

The race is open to 200 runners and 50 walkers and all participants will receive a medal and cake. The race starts and finishes in the heart of Cove at the Burgh Hall where runners will register and enjoy the aformrntioned post-race cake.

Entry for the run is £20 for an adult and the walk is £15 for adults £5 for kids who are up for the challenge. Organisers say: "In future we would like to be in a position to offer the walk for free and hope you understand that these costs reflect the cost of running the event and that you are happy to be part of it."

If you would like to know more about this brand new event then visit the Cove & Kilcreggan 10K Facebook page.

Image: Cove & Kilcreggan 10K Facebook page.

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