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Hints of the ‘real world’ at the Dundonald 10K Virtual Road Race

Organisers of the Dundonald Highland Games have transformed their annual 10K into a virtual event, but one with a few familiar real-life features

The 2020  Dundonald 10K Virtual Road Race will be part of a transformed Dundonald Highland Games with ‘no activities that involve mass gatherings’. 

Rather than being cancelled like most of the summer's games, the Ayrshire event will be going ahead as a ‘series of small and virtual events’ that can be completed ‘alone or in permitted gatherings’. 

As the Chair of the Dundonald Games Society Elaine McLure notes: "This year will be different, but we will still be together."

With that in mind, the 2020 ‘Dundonald 10K Virtual Road Race’ will be held from today (Wednesday, 1 July) through to the middle (Wednesday, 29 July) of the traditional ‘Games Week’ leading up to the day of the Games (1 August).

The Dundonald Games Society has been assisted in the organisation of the event with Ayrshire Harriers.

Unlike with many of the virtual events created to replace ‘real world’ events during lockdown, those taking part in the DHG 2020 10K must run the ‘real’ undulating 10k course from Drybridge Road to Dundonald Castle, rather than a 10k route of their choosing.  

And, just like in the ‘real world’ races that seem like a lifetime ago, prizes will be awarded to the fastest man and the fastest woman over the course, as well as to the fastest Dundonald man and fastest Dundonald woman.  All finishers will receive a limited edition medal. 

Although numbers need not be worn when running the route, runners must use the race number assigned to them when they register when submitting their results. Evidence of participation in the event must be submitted along with other required information within 24 hours of completing the course, and no later than 30 July 2020. 

Participants should also include a photograph or selfie of themselves at the finish line.    

As the event is licenced by Scottish Athletics, headphones must not be worn on the route and runners must stay on the left hand side of the public road at all times, as the route is not closed to traffic. 

Detailed information of the course and directional markings, further race rules and a short information video can be found on the Dundonald Games Facebook page and website.

Image courtesy: Dundonald Highland Games (Facebook)

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