Happy Heaton parkrunners

Things Are Heaton Up! 

parkrun returns with a triumphant start for Heaton Park event...

As runABC reported yesterday parkrun was well and truly back at the weekend. Runners across England had spent the previous week enjoying the thrill of the build up to what has become affectionately known to many as ’parkrunday’ and it was clear to see that nobody was disappointed. 

Doing its bit for the north of the country, Manchester’s Heaton parkrun was a top performer for numbers with 702 runners - second only to Bushy Park (1056). Posting on Facebook after the event, one of the event directors commented: “Well what a great restart to our parkrun yesterday - it was so good, we thought we’d do it all again same time, same place, next Saturday. 

“Great getting second highest attendance in England yesterday - we couldn’t of done it without our amazing volunteers - so lucky to have so many great people volunteer.”

More Facebook comments reveal the joy that people felt after the event’s absence from their lives for over 18 months…

Sinead Varey commented: “Well done everyone involved in organising, it was great to be back.”

While Jan Makinson said: “Fantastic to be back and thank you to our fabulous core team and all the wonderful volunteers what a great morning.”

Louise Warwick posted: “After 70 missed Saturdays, this was amazing. Thank you so much to the entire parkrun team today, it couldn't have happened without you all. You are just THE greatest!”

But not everybody was back after the enforced sabbatical - some, like Kelly Cheetham, were dipping their toe in the parkrun fraternity for the first time: “Thank you so much, was my first ever park run today and I loved it. Well organised and a brilliant atmosphere, well done to all the volunteers.”

The event has had to make some changes in order to be COVID compliant, but these were all accepted and understood by those taking part. One such amend is the lack of ‘shout-outs’ for milestone runners and celebrations, but organisers have been quick to come up with a solution to this and have arranged for two whiteboards to be available for people to publish their achievements on instead. 

Heaton’s return saw a 50th run for Clara Brennan, a 100th run for Alison Hill and Vincent Lloyd Henry, a 200th run for Lee Cryer and Lynn Shakespeare. There was another cause for celebration as well as Liz Guirguis and Adrian Calvert started their wedding day with a nuptial parkrun. 

Image: Paul Taylor/Heaton parkrun

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