Conquer The Continents Africa Medal

Have a roarsome virtual run in Africa

Africa is the second stop on the virtual world tour that is ‘Conquer the Continents’ from Mash Running. Complete 5 miles and bag yourself a trophy in the form of a traditional wood-carved medal. A pith helmet and khaki clothing is optional.

Conquer the Continents was launched on 6 April and North America was the first port of call on this global trip organised by Mash Running. This was a success with runners including this correspondent who praised the theme and the medal and were eager to step out on the next continent.

Next on the itinerary is Africa. Whilst a safari is off-limits due to the coronavirus outbreak participants can go on a journey and observe wildlife albeit close to home. But remember to follow government guidelines about exercising outdoors and social distancing. Your garden is perfectly acceptable as is a treadmill if you prefer to run inside and the same applies with a home swimming pool (fine chance – ed).

Run, jog, walk, cycle, swim, push a scooter, there are various options and all with the same target of 5 miles. This doesn’t have to be done in one go: these can be split into smaller distances as and when, while another option is to run laps around the garden or driveway. Take a photo of your running watch or any device that shows 5 miles and submit it as evidence. Don’t forget a selfie either! Medals are posted out once a week.

Stay local, stay safe and enjoy your African adventure.

Enter now at the Mash Running website.

Image courtesy of Mash Running

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